Weekend Notes 02

We are in the middle of working on our bedroom (as well as the girls' rooms) as I mentioned yesterday. For sneak peeks you can check out my IG. I've recently noticed a lot of saturated color returning after a year of black and white. I love it in small doses like this room that Brittni featured on her amazing blog: Paper & Stitch. I may end up painting our powder room something vibrant like this. So invigorating, don't you think?!

A few other notes:

+ Valentine's Day is around the corner and the internet is pink and red all over. How cute are these valentine crowns that Jen made? If you want to make a fun treat... I shared my recipe for gluten-free nutella and peanut butter heart cookies on Handmade Charlotte yesterday.

+ Joni and I went shopping for ALT a few weeks ago and I found the best jeans! They are affordable and don't stretch out and they fit real good. Trust me.

+ Sometimes I struggle with what to write about. I looooved this post from Dani on Tips for Stumped Bloggers.

+ A new blog I like. Alison is so funny and awesome.

+ You should be following this lady on pinterest if you aren't already.

+ Planning a girls trip here. Have you ever been?

Signing off early this week. This week has been out for me a little bit but the sun is shining and I am looking forward to some cooking and chilling by the fire. Stay awesome.

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  1. 1) Your recipe for Handmade Charlotte was baller.
    2) Following Meghan on pinterest now thank you.
    3) Those jeans!!

    1. you are the best! you will love meghan's feed and these jeans were an amazing find. :)

  2. Excelletn painting display in your bedroom!


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