Weekend Notes 03

Happy Valentine's Day! Don't you love this little guy? Ez from Creature Comforts hand painted all of these party decorations for her daughter's birthday festivities. I am loving this "drawn with black paint" trend. Is there a proper term?! When we were at ALT at one of the dinner parties they decorated with giant tigers that were hand drawn by artist Roxy Marj (one of me new faves!) and I just can't get enough. I want them decorating my walls. Oh, just one more... check out these valentines from Mer  Mag.

Did you see my Drunken Bananas Foster? so.dang.good.

Ok, so i don't really want to share this because I want to win, BUT check out this amazing weekender that Anna is giving away. Want.

It's an arctic tundra outside but I'm shopping for spring shoes. These sandals are ah-mazing.

Can't make it to the Hopespoken conference? You can pre-order the corresponding devotional here.

Here is a blog that I have read for years and it just gets better and better.

Are you trying to eat healthier? Need some inspiration? Follow eating whole on instagram.

I shared Matilda's room this week and we are going to be finishing up Bee's over the weekend. Look for it early next week. :)

Speaking of my girls... I want this entire outfit for Matilda (it's all on sale!) and this applique top and shorts kills me for Bee. Cayute for Easter, right?

My sister's boyfriend was featured in Creative Loafing's 2014 lust list. Ow ow.

Have a great weekend! Can I say without completely stating the obvious that I am ready for warm, park going weather? xo

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  1. Goodness, I want that sloth! I just love him, and I swear one day I will have real one to cuddle!


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