Weekend Notes 04

Happy almost friday! I realize I left you guys hanging with my last post. Oh boy, what a day. The last couple have been so lovely. Just full. That's usually how it goes in motherhood. The mornings bring a fresh start. Thank you all for weighing in and cracking me up and making me feel like I'm in great company. You guys are the best!

Sam got me those flowers above for Valentine's Day. Had to share them. You may have seen them on instagram, but had to bust out the big camera for these beautiful babies. Sam ordered them from my friend Megan at Victory Blooms. If you live around Atlanta I would highly recommend using her for personal flowers to weddings. Amazing.

Spent most of the day today with my friend Margot who I haven't seen since Matilda was Phoebe's age! She's a treasure. It was so great having an afternoon of girl talk and my new favorite cupcakes. We talked a lot about travel. Sam and I are going to take a romantic trip to celebrate our ten year anniversary next March. Here's where we are considering (fill free to weigh in!): Tulum, Palm Springs or maybe this place. Dreamy. It's so exciting planning a trip! We want: warm, relaxing, casual.

If you have a minute (who does but it would mean so much!) I've been nominated for the Homies over at Apartment Therapy. I don't have illusions of grandeur but I'd love your votes. :)

Saturday is my birthday. I can't believe I'll be 33. I want to wear some sparkly shoes like these and drink wine with Sam. That's all.

The Patio Style Challenge is rapidly approaching. I think we are going to do a vertical garden of some sort. How pretty is this one?!

Have a fun weekend!!

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  1. Good Luck with the Homies! Hope your b-day is great!

  2. voted! (and beautiful flowers!)

  3. Thank you sweet friend! And, you have my vote! And, have a happy, happy birthday!

  4. I haven't been to either Tulum or Verana in Mexico, but just judging from pictures, I think those two locations would be much more exciting and romantic than Palm Springs. I live in LA and while Palm Springs is nice enough to visit, my best memories of it are just hanging out with friends at the hotel. I don't think it compares to your other choices in terms of scenery and activity.

    And happy Jesus year! :D


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