Weekend Notes 05

Confession... sometimes I eat chips or in tonight's case chocolate and scroll through healthy recipes and workout routines. What is wrong with me?! Ha. This is the last weekend of guilty eating pleasures. I am going to a girls sleepover party and then dining at St. Cecilia this weekend. After that... game on. Besides, we are going to be burning some serious calories working on the Home Depot Patio Style Challenge (photo above pinned here!) this weekend. There are wood pallets involved, painting and assembly to do. Also, plant shopping. Lots of plants! Can't wait to break in my new rain boots.

I had coffee this week with my blogger friends. There is something so fun about getting together with like-minded peers. I love hearing the back stories that you don't get from the internet and learning about fun + exciting new things that are happening. You should check out all of these ladies if you haven't already: Anna, Meghan, Jessica, Joni, and Whitney. They are all brilliant.

This shop is so crazy awesome. Their little girl shoes are to die for!

My Mama has a really amazing blog with loads of great yoga poses and info to have you feeling your very best.

A new-to-me pinner I like.

If you are a creative writer, Danielle has started a journal series where she gives prompts each week with a fun topic. Love this idea.

It's always so inspiring watching bloggers pioneer into uncharted territory. Oh Joy is an inspiration for sure and lovin' her new fresh site.

My Netflix guilty pleasure.

A dress I'd really like to be wearing to parties that don't exist. I'm itching to throw a spring bash.

Happy weekend!

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  1. I thought I was the only person over 20 watching the Carrie Diaries. What a relief that someone like you is in the club too! Happy Friday!

    1. pretty sure i haven't progressed past 15 ;) if you ever need a teen drama partner-in-crime... i'm your girl. have a great weekend!


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