2014 Oscar Fashion Favorites

Confession: I haven't had a chance to watch the Oscars yet and I'm hiding my eyes until I can. I did however get a peek at the red carpet this morning and here are my winners. There were noticeable trends that I'm highlighting here and this post is all about spilling your thoughts. Who was your "best dressed"? I'm gonna start with black. So these are not your standard "little black dresses." Anna Kendrick is such a stunning girl in a really natural way which makes her cool in my book. As much as I loved her entire dress, the back was the real standout. It was strappy and beautiful. Take her or leave her, I think Anne Hathaway is a beauty and I really liked how feminine yet edgy her studded gown was. My favorite black dress? Glenn Close looked absolutely incredible in this sculptural black gown. Love the long sleeves! Notable mention: Olivia Wilde and her baby bump.

My favorite trend of the night? These gorgeous head-to-toe beaded gowns. Ay y y. So pretty they hurt. Cate Blanchett can do no wrong and Naomi Watts is always a favorite. I love that she embraces trends but always in a really downtown, chic way. Into it. New-to-me Sally Hawkins looked so pretty in this gold-embellished dress! How great are these long sleeves... I'm liking this look so much. Notable mentions: Kate Hudson, Kristin Chenowith and Angelina Jolie.

I may ruffle some feathers here but as much as I think that these ladies look incredible in their blue frocks, I did think they were all a little safe. I would have loved to see Amy Adams' hair down but I know the weather in LA was on the rainy side (after weeks of sun and summer temps I don't feel that sad for them ;)). I do think Sandra looks like a million bucks in this Alexander McQueen gown. Lupita Nyong'o is just everyone's darling. I think she is an instant icon. I thought it was cool how she paired this sort of sweet gown and headband with an edgy cut. Girl has got it goin' on.

Favorite category? The mens! Kidding, but I thought these gentlemen did an awesome job of making the tux modern. Guys don't have as many options as we do but I love these classic alternatives. Jared Leto is like a fine wine. Keeps getting better and better. Jason Sudeikis is really hip without trying hard. I like the navy a lot. Matthew McConaughey (I've never had to spell his last name before! Took me a few tries) looks a bit like a wax statue right here BUT I thought he looked very handsome in his off-white jacket. I also did all of the bow ties and that Matthew and Jared wore pocket squares to match.

What do you guys think?! 

Best dressed lady: Cate Blanchett. Runner up: Glenn Close.
Best dressed gentleman: Jason Sudeikis. Runner up: Jared Leto.

images via InStyle

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  1. great pics! Cate Blanchet was my favourite too and I loved the gentleman in navy suits :)

  2. I loved the baby bumps (kerri and olivia)! I think I'm the only one that was completely bored with Amy Adams dress.

    1. i loved the baby bumps too! no, i totally agree that amy's dress choice was safe and meh, it was just in the blue family so i felt like it was worth noting as a trend. :)

  3. Totally! The color was pretty :=)

  4. I was on a weekend mountain getaway so i missed them! I always love catching them when I can ! Love Anna's dress! Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adam's dresses were two of my favorites! I am a huge fan of classic and elegant!


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