A Spring Garden Party

Spring is literally a day away... I can't help but let my mind wander to warmer afternoons without precipitation. Ahhhh. Has to be soon right?! We are supposed to be having a really lovely three days and we plan on soaking it all up. We are going to be building away this week in hopes of knocking out some structural projects on the style challenge and moving on to painting and sprucing. One of my best friends is coming in town and I want to have a little spring get together to celebrate our new patio and her visit. Isn't that floral maxi skirt perfect for hosting a garden party?! I love it.

More party pretties:

Copper Plated serving set in gold to dress up any salad bowl.
Garden Buzz Dessert Plates in a bouquet of colors.
These Gold Cheese Knives are divine.

I also loooove this Oh Joy! Water Pitcher in aqua. Can't wait to hit up Target soon to check out her line.

Wishing you all warm party weather! xo

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