DIY: Chalk Board Planter Baskets

A couple of weeks ago my friends from Wayfair asked if I would be interested in participating in a basket painting challenge. Since I'm not a DIY blogger I got a little nervous. I started thinking about all of the big trends right now and wanted to do something a little more unexpected (hopefully)...

Wayfair sent me these lovely baskets to experiment with. When I was shopping for supplies I brought the baskets with me (which I recommend doing - see notes below) and someone immediately asked me where I found them. That's when I had a lightbulb moment to make two of them to be coordinated with the largest basket since they were a set and really so, so pretty as is. I thought a pretty matte black would be fitting to match the black trim and thennnn I discovered chalk board spray paint (don't tell me if it's so last year). I didn't know if the paint would work with chalk on a basket but it totally did.

For this project you will need:

- Rust-oleum Chalk Board spray paint (I found this at Home Depot)
- Baskets (note that these baskets are soft and wool, but I think it would work on wicker or cotton)
- Basket liners - I found these plastic dishes in the indoor plant section (also Home Depot - bring your baskets with you so that you can size them.)
- Plants - I chose a fiddle leaf fig, dianthus and heather
- Chalk - I chose white but any color would work


Spray baskets inside and out with chalk board paint. Since these baskets were wool they absorbed a lot and called for several coats. I let mine dry overnight.

For the chalk - I just went with simple designs. I really love stripes and thought the x's looked scandinavian which I love.

Line the baskets with your trays and place the plants in their existing pots right in. You could also repot them and place them on trays. They sell really inexpensive plastic pots which would work for this. That's it!



  1. oh Lesley….. you did it again. you are a constant source of inspiration for me. not just around the house but also as a mama and in faith. thank you!

    1. that makes my morning. you are so sweet toria! thank you for the encouragement. means a lot!!

  2. ah, lesley, i LOVE this look! fabulous!! :)


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