Phoebe's Room Tour

Welcome to Phoebe's room! When it came to decorating my youngest's sleeping quarters, I wanted it to be calm and serene with pops of bright color. A restful room to encourage that cute, little head to lay down. You will recognize a lot of the furniture from the girls' shared room (which was never shared btw). I tried to give this space its own look with a new layout and some fresh art from Minted. They were so kind to send over a few pieces (like that customizable kitty and constellation piece above). Did you know that they donate 2% of every art sale to Every Mother Counts? I am so excited to share more about this incredible organization with you at the end of the "tour."

I wanted to do something really clean and graphic over Bee's crib. I fell in love with this Pear a couple of years ago and was so excited to be able to use it in her room. We nailed it to the wall and then used pink washi tape to sweeten it up a little bit. That floral rug was a score from Anthro yearsss ago. Its been a great one. I still love it and think it's perfect for a little girl's room. That little kitchen we found here. It's a great space saver if you have a tight space and always a favorite when friends come over.

Instead of sticking her toddler bed in storage, we decided to go ahead and incorporate it into the room. When she's big enough to use it I think we'll get a second one so that when they have friends over we'll have an extra bed. We scored this one on Craigslist... already assembled. Yes. I also love that it expands to be a twin. Turns out IKEA isn't selling the minnen bed anymore, which is so sad.

I looove this sign language print that we personalized with Phoebe's name. I love that she'll still like it well into her teens. There's nothing super sweet about it. Whenever I'm buying art I really look for staying power. I love prints that will last long past the baby stages. I also love the way the red ties in with the striped bedding.

The shelving is also IKEA and we paired it with brackets from Home Depot. The little storage unit is from target. I like that Bee can reach her books but that the toys can be tucked away until it's time to play. Having lots of toys within arm's length of a baby is unnecessary stress and clean up in my humble opinion. I love keeping toys in baskets and up a little higher so that they can be easily played with and then stored until next time.

Phoebe's Room Resources:
Crib: IKEA
Toddler Bed: IKEA
Bedding: IKEA and target
Curtains: IKEA
Rose hooks: Anthropologie
Zinc "P": Anthropologie
Rug: Anthropologie
Art Prints: Constellation | Kitty | Sign Language | Pear | Babar (vintage from a friend <3)
Dream Ring: Bla Bla
Play kitchen: Magic Cabin
Toys: Monkey/Elephant,/Flower (bla bla) | BadgerWooden toys
Books: See You in the Morning (my fave!) | Eating the Alphabet | Romeo and Juliet | Colors | 123

Now to tell you a little bit more about Every Mother Counts. When I was at ALT Summit I had the opportunity to meet Christy Turlington (I know, total dream come true) and to hear her heart for this incredible organization. I also got to watch a video that showed real women and their maternity healthcare as well as their difficulties in accessing birthing facilities and quality treatment. It was eye opening and gut wrenching to see what some women go through when they are pregnant and in labor. We were sitting there eating lunch and watching this movie and my eyes were filled with tears. Giving birth is such a personal and incredibly delicate experience and I can't imagine not having options. We are so blessed.

Throughout March and April, EMC is collecting the basic supplies a woman needs to deliver safely, as well as a few items to help her care for her baby. Just pick up the following items at your local drugstore or order them online. Then, pack them up and drop off or ship them to:

Every Mother Counts
180 Varick Street Suite 1116
New York, NY 10014

Here’s what each Every Mother Kit needs:
Items should be put into 1 (preferably) or 2 gallon–sized sealable plastic bags.

· Baby blanket (new or gently used)

· 1-2 cotton baby sheets (new or gently used)

· Baby hat

· Cloth diapers (2) &, if diapers require it, 4 large safety pins

· Washcloth

· Gentle bar soap

· 2 gauze rolls (90cmX5cm)

· 1 box feminine pads (ultra)

If you can’t gather all the supplies to create complete kits, just send whatever you can and they will fill in the rest. I hope you'll join me! You can also help spread the word by sharing this link.

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  1. I love her room!!! It's perfect for a little girl!

  2. What an absolutely gorgeously girly room. I love it! I'm so glad that you mentioned Every Mother Counts, too. It's nice to hear of practical ways to help others!

  3. Oh that room is adorable! Love that she'll be able to grow with so much of it.
    Love Christy Turlington and this is such an amazing thing to do to help so many in need.

  4. So adorable room! I envy this one. Well designed and maintained.
    Jumping Castles

  5. I love her room (and really every room in your house that you've shared) you have such amazing style!!! And that pear print is perfection! :)


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