Real Food for Kids

Lately I've realized that I've been feeling super tired and sluggish. I talked to Sam about it last night and I am very aware that what I put in my body affects me greatly. It takes longer to prepare healthy food but it leaves me feeling energized and ready to tackle anything. For whatever reason I stopped taking care of myself. With busyness at every corner it's so easy to do. What makes me really sad is that this pension for laziness in the kitchen has trickled down to my kids. Seriously, this is my worst nightmare.

My little people have been quite picky lately and only want "kid food" so that's what I've been serving up. April is all about getting back to eating real food and finding new + exciting recipes that are kid-friendly. In fact, I'm starting a day early. Heading to the grocery store now to stock up on some goodness for me and my people. Here are some amazing recipes that I think the whole family will love (as well as a few of my standbys like those grain-free chicken fingers and sweet potato chips).

Egg muffins are a super yummy make-ahead breakfast that you can heat up quick. These are one of my favorite whole 30 recipes.
My girls love tomatoes and this Bruschetta Chicken looks amazing. I love recipes that are easy. This would make for fabulous left overs too!

Spaghetti squash lasagna boats. These bad boys look like a fo-sure thing. I'm pretty sure everyone in my house would love these and they are boats. Fun!

So, there are three real food recipes I think kids will love for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I'd love to hear your favorite kid-friendly recipes in the comments!

For all of my recipes visit here.  Check out my food and paleo recipes pin boards for more healthy options!

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