Weekend Notes 06

Oh weekend, you just couldn't come fast enough. Hoping that the rain clears (although I'm totally a rainy day girl) and that we get some warm sunshine for some project accomplishment! Sam and I are still plugging away at the Home Depot Patio Style Challenge (see all the participants here) as well as I am working on a fun DIY basket challenge for Wayfair. I am also shooting our bedroom and little Phoebe's room to share with you guys (wait - I thought it was the weekend?!).

Here are some rad links I spotted this week that I wanted to share with you guys. This weekend I hope you do things like eat chips and salsa and drink margaritas. If you're local may I please recommend this place (make sure to order the plantains and guac!).

The next recipe I'm making: General Tso's Cauliflower (shown above and pinned here). Yum!

Are you giving up anything for lent? Love Jen's post about this beautiful season.

Love this post on new momma makeup.

These are the days. I cried reading this because I relate to it all.

Currently listening to The White Album.

I've had my eye on this couch for a while and it's on crazy sale. Thoughts?

For Phoebe to wear on Easter.

And for Matilda?

PS Don't forget the time change is this sunday. Bring on those glorious longer days!

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  1. Yes on the couch and yes on the East outfits!! Love them!

    1. thanks girl! that couch... so cheap! need to pull the trigger! have a great weekend. :)

  2. That couch is A_MAZING. I couldn't pull the trigger without sitting on it first, but the price kinda makes me want to.

  3. So much good stuff there! The cauliflower, the couch (yes!) the outfits, love it all!! Hope y'all have a great weekend- the weather looks like it's going to be beautiful so you'll find us in the backyard too!!


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