Weekend Notes 08

Happy Friday friends! The sun is out. The sun is out. I swear that I need sunshine to thrive, like a plant. It just is that important to my well being. Today I am playing a bit of catch up and my Mama came up so that I could shoot Phoebe's room to share with you guys on monday. Here's a tiny sneak peek. I've partnered up with Minted and Every Mother Counts in sharing the room and I can't wait to tell you more about it. For now... a little slice of life with the 52 Project (I missed last week!) and some weekend notes.

Week 11/52

Matilda: Oh, this little girl melts my heart. I'm just so proud of what a sweet thing she is. Just a few examples... we had friends over the other night and she was really quiet and all of a sudden she came outside to see us with cards in tow for both of them. One even had a "monkey business" sticker on it. ;) Phoebe has this awesome habit of looking me dead in the eye and rushing a potted plant only to pick up as many handfuls as she can before I can reach her. Yeah, awesome. The last time this happened Matilda said, "Mama, you clean up all the time. I'll get this mess." Before I knew it she was sweeping it all up. I can't even handle it! In this picture she was dancing with Angelina and was very insistent on looking just like her (perky bow and all).

Phoebe: baby girl's vocabulary is bursting at the seams! As she was leaving today with my mom to pick up Tilda she said "Bye bye Mama." I then said "Give me a kiss." and she blew me a big one. She also says, "Noooooo, cow, cat, dog, ruff ruff, hi, bay-bee, thank ewwww, nigh-nigh, mama, dad-dee, Tilde, Matilda, Tilda." I'm sure I'm leaving some out. I think she is trying to drop her morning nap, but she's a bit of a mess for it. Each day has its own learning curve. She is in to everything. I find myself as exhausted at night now as I was when she was a newborn. Fell asleep at 9 last night. Phew! She's the cutest though and I know I'll miss this sweet age. That pear print above her bed can be found right here. Phoebe's dress here.

I finally have a complete vision for the style challenge. I am super excited about it because I feel like it's very us and it makes me happy. With rain coming on sunday I'm giving us a deadline of tomorrow night. A little nervous about this... Too bad we don't have time to make these crazy awesome shutters! Sneak peeks can be found on instagram.

A new favorite pinner.

A recipe I'd like to try.

Some things on my wish list: here, here, here and here.

A beautiful read about finding the magic in your marriage.

Delicious warm weather drink. Love these two and their combining forces.

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. First of all, that story about Matilda sweeping up for you is the sweetest thing I've ever heard. She is absolutely precious. And Phoebe in that dress! You make real cute babies, girl.
    Secondly, I am SO excited to see what you've got brewing for the challenge! Your sneak peek this morning has me dying to see the finished product!


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