Weekend Notes 09

I love this picture so much because it is time completely frozen. Matilda is obsessed with calling people right now (you can see my phone in her hand). She wants to call anyone and everyone. It is the cutest. I love hearing people sound less than excited to hear from me and then hear their voices change when they realize it's Matilda. It's really sweet (and mildly insulting haha). I've taught her how to use Siri because I want her to be able to call someone in an emergency (so scary to think about but important). She just looooves Siri. She was asking her all kinds of questions to which Siri wasn't really having. She needs to get a better sense of humor.

Phoebe has started saying, "nutssss." hahaha!! I can't even handle it. She totally got it from me because I say it all day long in lieu of ya know bad words. It is hands down the funniest thing I've ever heard. I took her to mothers morning out this morning as a trial run. I was so sad. It was much harder to do than I thought. When I came to get her she was in tears. :( Oh, my heart.

I spent some time today looking for a place to stay at the beach. We are planning our family vacation to our favorite spot. I found this gem which is booked until next year but one can dream...

I shared my new favorite after-dinner treat on facebook. Seriously, so good!

We are so close to finishing our patio! I'm sure you're tired of hearing about it and ready to see it. Me too! I also can't wait to see what the other patio challenge folks have come up with. So many talented people are participating. I'm nervous! The lovely Katie Oblinger is going to be shooting it on sunday. Real thankful it isn't supposed to be raining.

Our spring break is next week and I fully plan on taking a little one of my own. I'll be popping in and sharing some things here but soaking up the sun is a huge priority. :) XO

beautiful kantha blanket from hand & cloth.

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  1. tell Tilda she can call here anytime! Amelia would love it :)

  2. Love this photo! And moments like that are why I love photography...the tiniest thing can mean so much. And yeah for a sunny Sunday! xo

  3. LOVE that photo! til looks so old.

  4. Ha! Henry says, "Crap!" when he drops something. Wonder where he got that from...

  5. How sweet, my 3.5 year old is also obsessed with Siri!


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