Beach Babes

We booked our beach trip and naturally I am planning away. Any excuse to dream about resting is alright with me. The days are long right now my friends. I'm also looking forward to a cocktail or too! Sam and I usually will take shifts when we are on vacation so that we both get to relax. How do you guys rest while on vacation with little ones? Last year Phoebe was just a wee babe and not mobile. When we took Matilda to the beach for the first time she ran straight into the ocean. Eee! Those little wild creatures. Here are some things on my wish list as well as a couple of things I've already picked up (like those bathing suit bottoms and those little salt waters for Bee). Hooray for summer!

For Matilda: of one sea tank | pineapple bathing suit | silver birks | round sunglasses

For Phoebe: kitty one piece | salt water sandals | sun hat | terry cover-up

For me: high waisted bikini bottoms | coral twist top | polka dot top | black + white dot topturkish towel | bkr water bottle | tortoise shell sunglasses

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  1. ah, I love mix n' match pieces for me! It makes life at the beach even more a breeze. :) And that one piece for Matilda is just darling! (I'm drooling over those salt waters too.)

    1. so fun, right? i love the mix and match. you'll have to get those sandals for baby girl when she gets here. :)

  2. I've been eyeing that same bkr bottle. Love the pink!


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