Recap Week Two!

Hope you all had a happy Easter weekend! We had the sweetest day yesterday, only wish I had taken more pictures. Also... I did it! The two week challenge is officially over for me (feel free to jump right in!). I feel stronger and healthier and I can tell that my clothes are starting to fit differently. This week I was very aware of the lack of self care that has been going on since I was pregnant with Phoebe. I wasn't making time for myself, I wasn't fueling my body properly, and I realized the importance of endorphins! I can be a pretty anxious and stressed out person (read: perfectionist, type A, yada yada), being able to release that stress through walking and yoga has been HUGE for me. Also, having a buddy that keeps me accountable has been awesome (thanks, Amy!).

I did indulge in a little Easter treat (or two) yesterday. I think it's important to have healthy balance in order to truly have a healthy lifestyle. If you are constantly depriving yourself you'll be miserable. Knowing that I would be faced with some of my favorite foods, I had very healthy meals and then indulged in small desserts. It was so wonderful to be with family and celebrate and I wouldn't have it any other way. I also walked my first 10,000 steps at one time. It felt amazing to accomplish that! Setting fitness goals for me is huge. I told myself I couldn't come home until I did it, and blisters and all I did. Yay!

From here I will continue to eat mostly Paleo and drink TONS of water. I will also walk 10,000 steps a day, actively exercise 30 minutes a day, with yoga three times a week. The only thing I'll be changing is allowing myself a treat meal each week (which will include wine). Since I had treats on sunday I'll skip this week's. This is how I lost 25 lbs and kept it off for a year. It works! Last time though I wasn't even exercising. That part of the puzzle is new and I am loving it. Hope you'll join me! You can follow along here and I might do monthly recaps. Thanks so much for your encouragement and if you want to play along just tag your photos with #lwgchallenge.

Two week results:

Lost five pounds
Gained endurance, energy, clear skin
Clothes feel looser

Healthy inspiration:

These are some accounts that I really enjoy: @amandabisk (amazing yogi!), @eating_whole (Lauren embodies what I embrace with food and inspires me with fitness, toddler meals, recipes, etc), @mynewroots (love Sarah! she is a wealth of knowledge).

I want to know what inspires you to workout, eat whole foods, etc. What are some of your favorite sites for meal ideas or fitness routines? I'll go first! I really like Lexi's Clean Kitchen. Great stuff!

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  1. is it sad that i have been looking forward to your monday post all morning lol?… anyway loved it. i am currently training for my first half marathon (in two weeks) and had a very strict easter (and ran 20km yesterday) but actually didn't mind no treats and i didn't feel deprived. thanks for sharing your journey, it's so helpful!!!!

    1. you little day maker you! thanks so much for the encouragement toria! sending some right back your way. you go girl!! in my dreams i run a half marathon. excited for you!

  2. yay Lesley!! your challenge inspires me! I also LOVE Sprouted Kitchen and the First Mess for real food recipes. Beach bodies here we come!

    1. yeah girl! thanks sweet meg. i don't know first mess. excited to check it out. hooray!

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