The Toddler Years

Having a toddler is sort of like having an abusive boy friend. When things are good - bless there might not be anything better. When they're bad, help us all. Let's start with the good... that soft hair, those little cheeks, the sweetest grins, first words forming when you least expect it. It's incredible. However, with toddler-dom comes some pretty exhausting er annoying moments throughout the day. Last week Phoebe fussed constantly when she didn't get her way (she has THE most hilarious "mad" face where she sticks her lips out and furrows her brow).  On top of the fussing came the throwing of food, or herself, to the ground. I googled "17 months" and up pops a slew of "dealing with tantrums" and "your fussy toddler." Ok, cool at least we aren't alone.

It's funny though, right now, as I stare at this picture I stole from instagram (which I love btw) I feel nothing but immense over-the-moon love. All of those frustrating moments of climbing the stairs over and over again at ballet to keep her happy and seeing her scoop up huge handfuls of dirt from my plant and throwing it all over the floor and herself, well they just melt right away. All I see is this glorious smile. This smile I achieved by the way by saying "poop" over and over again. Only high brow humor for the Graham girls. Sometimes with toddlers the bad days are so bad we want to cry ourselves to sleep, but sometimes they are days like today that fill my entire body up with warmth and gushy love. Thankful and there's comfort in knowing if one day really really sucks, the next will be better.

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  1. Umm, how is it possible P is 17 months?! When you were talking about toddlers, I just knew you were talking about M. Time goes by way too crazy-fast, but you don't need me to tell you that!! I always liken dealing with my toddler to dealing with a drunk person- you never know what they're going to do/say next! Most of the time tho, it's a blast, thank goodness! xo

  2. My daughter Parker is 18 months and we are having a similar experience. She has a lot of personality and when she isn't getting way she throws herself to the floor or yells no. She even gave my middle daughter a pop on the bottom the other day. My older girls weren't quite as dramatic but I find myself trying not to laugh at her. Love the roller coaster.

  3. I hear you! Heath is a week from turning one (what?!), but in some ways we have already entered toddlerdom. He has such an outgoing and strong personality. Sometimes he is just full of joy and love. We can just laugh and laugh together. Other times, he spends all day grunting/demanding for me to do things.... like walk around the house (holding him) so that he can open and close every door. and if you don't do what he says..... screaming! So thankful that God's mercies are new every morning!

  4. Amen, girl! ...and 'poop!' hehe... we get giggles from that, too ;)


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