Weekend Notes 10

This week I pinned this quote here and then put my own spin on it on instagram (@lwgchallenge) with the Beautiful Mess App. This quote is just really speaking to me right now. I feel like we can make excuses about anything. I'm already on day four of the two week challenge and before I know it I'll have a week under my belt and then two weeks. It's just one foot in front of the other and it is powerful. I had Sam take my "before" photos last night before hot yoga and dango wango that was motivating!

Starting to think about Easter (pinned some ideas here). Think the girls need these. I'm in charge of the craft at the preschool party. Any great thoughts? Teachers?

I'm going to the CAMP spring supper tonight. I am SO excited about hanging out with my creative friends and meeting new people. Will I see you there?

This week I shared how to get the look of our bedroom on Wayfair's blog. I found some really awesome picks!

We just booked our beach trip to our favorite place and it's kind of all I can think about. Bringing baby to the beach? Here are some tips! I want this bathing suit.

I'm working right now on making our own energy bars and getting the girls to eat what we eat (not always easy!). Phoebe just started mother's morning out... it's going okay. Also hard to keep goldfish and crackers, cookies, etc out of the picture when I'm not around. I just got her this very appropriate lunch box which is the perfect size. Hoping to share some "healthy lunches for kids" posts soon!

Have the best weekend. Okay?

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  1. This is my favourite quote, Iive my life using this quote.. well, most of the time ;)


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