Weekend Notes 11

This has been a big week. We finally debuted our patio for the Home Depot style challenge, I tried cauliflower crust pizza for the first time, I have completed almost all 14 days of my two week challenge, there are Easter parties to be had, birthdays to celebrate (my Lynndaddy <3), and I've been busy planning a party for Minted that I'll be co-hosting with Annette Joseph at the Mom 2.0 Summit. Are you going? It's going to be real fun. Excited to see some blogger friends and meet some new ones.

I'm on the hunt for a double jogging stroller. Any opinions/rec? Was thinking about this one.

Hot yoga is my thang. I really love these pants and the price (additional 30% off right now!). I also need to get this for all of my crazy hairs. This towel would surely be better than the one I've been bringing that we normally use to wash the car.

I pinned those crazy delicious looking deviled eggs right here. Need to make two sides this weekend. Excited to be able to experiment. Helps a lot having Sam around. Want to make something out of this book.

Art for kids' rooms and nurseries (or your living room!) that I really love.

So excited for Jen and her family. Love this brave and awesome adventure they are going on!

This has been an interesting week in parenting. Both girls have needed extra love for different reasons and there have been some epic meltdowns. Going to attempt to keep a quiet saturday with egg dying and recharging to get ready for hunting, basket filling and overeating (vegetables - game still on). Happy Easter to all! So thankful for the resurrection and for God's love. I'm such a hot mess and glad that He still loves me. He loves you too.

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  1. You're a gem-thanks so much for the kind mention! Hope you & your beautiful fam are having a great Easter weekend!


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