Weekend Notes 12

Yesterday I shared this recipe for sweet potato & coconut soup with thai pesto on seed factory's blog. So yummy! I am doing a monthly family recipe over there that I hope you'll check out. seed factory is also hosting a really fun crafting event this saturday from 1-3:30 pm with Amanda Kingloff author of Project Kid.

I'm really obsessed with  cuppow! We use mason jars for everything and these are the perfect addition. The bentos are especially cool.

Super nice surprise to see my favorite "skinny girl" breakfast featured on Country Living. They are my fave.

My friend Whitney is dreaming up inspiration for decorating their new home. I was so honored to be included amongst the dreamy others in her design board. Thanks Whit!

I haven't slept a full night's sleep in weeks so I'm really hoping that can happen this weekend. Someone seems to need something each night or I'm sneezing. Eep. Allergies! Georgia is intense with the tree pollen (that's why it's so pretty ;)). Hope you all have an awesome (and hopefully restful) weekend!

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