A Healthy Grocery Shopping Guide

Recently I've had several people notice that I am looking different (thanks guys!) and wanting to know what I'm doing. I am thrilled that the changes are outward but know that the real benefit is happening on the inside. I thought I would share with you my weekly shopping list. I'm also going to explain what I do and don't buy. I want to have a link to send to people when they ask "what I'm eating." :) As far as exercise goes, you can read about that here and here. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments!

I want to start first with what I'm eating and what I'm not eating.

YES: Vegetables of all kinds, the more the better. Fruit in moderation. Fruit is amazing but there are better fruits than others. I try and stick to berries which are nutrient rich as well as apples. I will add a half a frozen banana or a clementine to green smoothies. Eggs. Nuts. Meat - grassfed beef and organic chicken, chicken sausage, nitrate-free bacon. Raw cheese. Some greek yogurt. Here's my favorite yogurt recipe. Black beans in moderation.

NO: Potatoes (other than my beloved sweet potatoes which I have a few times a week), bread, corn, pasta, processed or packaged foods, sugar, grains (this includes wheat and rice), alcohol with the exception of 1-2 glasses of red wine a week. When I am at a point where I want to "maintain" I will eat quinoa from time to time. The girls have gluten-free pasta, waffles and bread but otherwise eat just like we do with the occasional treat.

For the first two weeks of the LWG Challenge I abstained from all alcohol and fruit. I did an elimination diet which turns your body into fat burning mode or ketosis. I now have one treat meal a week where I eat whatever I want which is almost always Dominoes Gluten Free Pizza (don't judge - it's surprisingly good!) with wine and chocolate. This is what makes this lifestyle work for me.

A typical day:

Breakfast: I love eggs (egg muffin recipe here) so this is easy for me but I also sometimes have a protein shake, green smoothie or yogurt. If I'm going for a long walk, I'll wait to have the shake after.

Snack: typically a handful of nuts or scoop of nut butter with apple slices

Lunch: I eat a lot of salads, leftover tacos, grilled or rotisserie chicken always with vegetables of some sort. I also love chicken sausage with greens or asparagus.

Dinner: Last night Sam made baked lemon and herb chicken. Super easy just rub chicken down with lemon, olive oil and herbs, bake until juices run clear. We had it with a salad and sweet potato wedges.

I aim to drink my weight in oz a day. Speaking of weight... at this point I am down 7 lbs for anyone interested in that, but the proof is in this pudding.

Shopping List  (see + print here):
(ps this knock knock magnetic grocery list is my fave!)

recipes shown here from top to bottom: cauliflower pizza, cucumber water and grain-free granola.

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  1. Question, do you drink coffee in the AM, if so, what do you put in it? Thanks!

    1. yes ma'am! i either use the grassmilk or organic creamer and sometimes coconut milk creamer. :)

    2. Perfect, thank you! Do you go to Whole Foods, Costco and Kroger to save $$$ or is it just a personal preference?

  2. This was so helpful!!!! Thanks for posting. I was actually going to ask you all these questions today.:)

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  4. Sounds like you're rocking it Lesley! Well done :)


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