Countdown to Summer

So, I mentioned over here that vacation got the best of me and I pretty much went on a carb and sugar-fueled week+ long binge. I know, I know... that's what vacation is for! Only problem is that I when you are eating addictive foods, it's hard to stop. I actually had swelling in my ankle (what?). All this to say that I'm doing another two week challenge to detox from all of the things that are making my body freak out. It's three weeks until summer, so what better time for you to join me in taking charge of your health?! Challenge will begin on Monday!

The challenge will consist of daily exercise (30+ minutes of activity - I'll be shooting for 10,000+ steps with my fitbit), yoga three times a week and no grains, no sugar, no alcohol. You can do it! Check out my shopping list here as well as do's and don'ts in the kitchen. follow along with me at @lwgchallenge and make sure to tag your photos with #lwgchallenge so I can cheer you on.

bike image from @sarahyates instagram
yoga image found here

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