Happy List 02

We are home and settling back in from our family trip to Seacrest, Florida. There should be a diagnosable Post Vacation Depression or something like that. It always goes by so fast. In an effort to combat the "I have to unpack a crap load and put it away" blues I'm writing a happy list. This one is easy. Let's start with a ruffled baby bottom, shall we? This so cute pineapple swim diaper doubles as a bathing suit bottom and has snaps. This is important. Trust. Phoebe travelled and handled the beach remarkably well keeping her distance from the water (which was totally fine with me).

Matilda's freedom at the beach is so beautiful. She played for hours in the waves (and got her first sunburn which totally freaked her out). The water was the most beautiful that I've seen it maybe ever with the weather to match. It was perfect. My mom picked up that cute suit for Til. Her very first bikini.

Getting to spend quality time with my family was really wonderful. I have the best memories of cooking dinner together, heading out before everyone got up with my Dad to look at houses, hoofing it to the beach, spinning margs, playing UNO and talking. One night my siblings and I and Jake's amazing girlfriend, Meg, went down to the ocean while everyone was asleep. It was really great. Sam and I also went on a date and had dinner here (I wore this dress) and we sat under the stars and listened to live acoustic Van Morrison and ate steak frites. Mmhmm.

We tried to get Matilda swimming this week but she being my daughter was very cautious. I think a class is in order. We still had a blast in the eversochilly pool. Having just the four of us time was really special.

Phoebe fell asleep in the ergo twice. Feeling her little cheek and heavy breath is one of the sweetest memories I think I'll ever have. I was completely aware of how fleeting those moments are.

Jasmine was everywhere. I love this carport and think we'll try to recreate it in some form.

We took a few day trips to Seaside for gelato, book shopping and my favorite BBQ nachos. I also got to meet my friend Rachel and her girls. I snapped this picture of our two Matildas and it's one of my favorites from the trip.

I could walk around Rosemary Beach all day. Like Alys beach, it's a house-lovers dream. The attention to detail is beyond compare. There is beauty at every glance. I left wanting to plant tons of rosemary. It grows everywhere in mass even in hedges and I think it's just enchanting. I want to garden all weekend.

I fell in love with the Pearl hotel. How great are the outdoor chairs with the pops of red?

We had a really great breakfast here and then Sam took the girls out in the trailer he rented. They loved it. We are totally on a bike kick and want to get them for home now. I love this one and this one!

Confession: I haven't read an actual book (ok other than self help) in years and tore through this one. I lol'ed you guys and read it in one day. Such a great story. OK, this is me going back to the real world. Luckily I really like mine, it just doesn't contain an ocean. ;)
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  1. it was just lovely getting to meet you and your little family in person:) already planning a trip to Atlanta so the Matilda's can play again;) xo!

  2. you and your sister are stunning :)

  3. That is so funny! My family and I were in santa rosa beach during spring break. We went to sundog books, had gelato at heavenly, and ate at barefoot bbq (which is delicious btw). Sounds like an awesome vacation:)

  4. This post made me happy and sad at the same time, cause the pictures are so joyous, and yet I miss you all so much. I also miss Florida beaches! California is wonderful but the beaches are so different. Anyone else in California who isn't from the south would probably think I'm crazy for saying that but I miss Florida beaches so much. I want some of these pictures printed!


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