Let's Bike!

Today is my Sam's birthday. I am so grateful beyond words for him and the man that he is. I'm a lucky girl indeed. For his birthday he is getting a bike (he picked this one) plus we added a bike trailer to the ticket. We really want to cultivate experiences into our family instead of just "things." At the beach Sam rented a bike and trailer and had the best time and the girls loved riding along so we were excited to bring that experience home. The good thing about the trailer we picked is that it also doubles as a stroller. Who knew?!

I am totally on the bike bandwagon now and itching to save up to buy my own. I love the vintage-inspired Huffy above, which comes pretty decked out. I've picked out some of my favorite bike-ish things that would be fun to add on if you already have one. That brass bell is everything. I could get totally addicted to pretending to be European. Dreaming of riding home with baskets full of flowers from the farmer's market. I'm a total cliche.

Also, Anthropologie has the most beautiful bike accessories right now. I can hardly stand it. Is bike riding something you're into? It makes me feel like a kid again.

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    I just got this bike, and it's pretty amazing. The ride is so smooth and easy. Perfect for cruising around the neighborhood or to the pool. I don't like getting off road (it scares me too much!) It was a splurge, but my last bike was a Trek and lasted forever. Have fun! Don't forget an awesome helmet. As Jimmy Fallon says: Safety is sexy!

  3. I am obsessed! I have an old bike that no longer works for me, I've been looking for a new one. I love the one you chose. Biking with the family is amazing. The last family ride we did was with three kids riding, one in the trailer and one inside my belly at 34 weeks pregnant! It was awesome!

  4. Ohhh, I love to ride bikes. So very much! We always rent bikes when we go to Rosemary. And, a bicycle is on my wish list this year as a must-buy. We live in a small town-home right now so our storage space is realllly limited... that's the only thing keeping me away at the moment. And, love those Anthro accessories. Can't wait to catch up on your blog!


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