Packing Essentials

Summer is right around the corner (or you might say here with this instant 90 degree weather - not complaining!). Here are some tropical travel essentials or just some pretty things to take to the pool. That bag is almost too much to handle. I love it. Everyone has a favorite beach read and that's mine. What's yours?! This is my all-time favorite summer nail color. It looks different on everyone but always awesome and punchy. I seriously wear my saltwaters all summer and so do my girls (Matilda's in red, Phoebe's in gold). They are affordable and can get wet and I'm loving the bright yellow for this year.

Beauty products I love: a good tinted lip balm from Burt's Bees, my favorite sunscreen, and beach waves for perfectly imperfect hair.

Ooh, also! I finally found a glass water bottle with a flip top that isn't a fortune. Woohoo!

sources: tinted lip balm | round tortoise sunglasses | opi cajun shrimp | blushing bride nail polish | bamboo beach waves | alba hawaiin sunscreen | nate burkus beach towel | yellow saltwaters | pool tote

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  1. I love that blushing bride nail color! May need to try that this summer! Great list! Thanks for sharing!

    -Hannah Avery


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