Tips for Moms: Workin' on your Fitness

Over the last few weeks (a little over three to be exact) I have made exercising a priority for the first time in literally 2+ years. Guys, it feels good. I could make a million excuses but honestly, right now, exercising is more important to me that constantly picking up and doing laundry. Yes, my house may be crazy at the end of the day, my work may have to wait until a little later, but I feel better and stronger. You know how they say that you can't be good to anyone else unless you're good to yourself? It's true! I also have more energy now to tackle that crazy pile on the stairs or to scrape the food off the floor. I'm also less stressed and meeting my fitness goals makes me HAPPY!

Here's how to squeeze it in:

Start heavy in the morning. For me, since I am a morning person, I'm MUCH more likely to exercise then. Know thyself. If you're a night owl, you do you. I am pretty religious about getting in my 10,000 steps with my FitBit. My new FitBit goal is to get all green lines: green steps (10,000+), green distance (5 miles+), green calories burned (2300+) and green active minutes (30+). If you don't have one... mother's day is right around the corner! Otherwise, just being active for 30 minutes is awesome.
The girls enjoy walking in the morning so that's when I try to get the biggest chunk of my workouts done. If I have Phoebe in the carrier (I swear by the ergo), she's fed and happy and has a little toy. If she's in the stroller, snacks and water and toy. We typically walk while Matilda is in school now that she has dropped her morning nap. I also try and get in 30 minutes of activity before they wake up. If you work out of the home then try getting up early or squeezing it into your lunch break.

It's rare that I've met my goals before the girls are in bed so after they're tucked in I try and get in some yoga, the rest of my steps or a HIIT workout. Some YouTube recommendations: BeFit, Fitnessblender, I also adore hitting the pavement alone. It's the best head clearer and decompressor, especially after long afternoons.

Other things I do:

  • kitchen dance parties with the girls! This is such a fun way to be active. 
  • I also sometimes sleep in my workout clothes. That way I'm half way there first thing. 
  • Set mini-goals. I'll do 1,000 steps (or you could set a timer for 10 minutes) and then 20 squats, repeat.
  • Run in place while watching a guilty pleasure. Carrie Diaries anyone?
  • When I'm doing chores I'll do them as fast as I can. :)
  • Take the stairs, park far away from the grocery store (just make sure it's close to the carts - ;))

You can follow along here for daily fitness + recipe inspiration.

How do you get in your daily exercise? I am always up for tips!

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  1. you are soooooo right about making time for it. My house has been slightly (and when i say slightly i mean like actually really neglected lol) for the past 4 weeks while training has been in high gear. I love the sleeping in your work out gear, i might be stealing that one. thanks for the motivation. :)

  2. This is pretty much exactly where I am! I'm finally making fitness a daily priority, for the first time since baby..and she just turned 18 months old! lol
    Love your tips! And I'm glad I'm not the only one neglecting household duties :P
    Thanks for the inspiration momma!

  3. go lesley! it surely isn't easy to fit in-especially for work from home mommas and these are some great ideas. our Y membership is certainly feeling neglected. i do feel better when i make it happen in the morning but its SO HARD to get up before the girls when i stay up late working. we have awesome trails all around here so the daily mega walk is where i'm getting most of it in for now. sounds like the fitbit is really motivating-so many friends are using them-maybe will drop the hint for mothers day!

  4. Right now getting my daily workout in is fairly simple, but I've been trying to brainstorm suggestions (like these you listed) for once baby gets here. I know then, working out won't be so "easy" and I'll have to really have a plan and goal to get my body back in shape. And to stay healthy. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Hey Lesley! I love reading your blog but I haven't commented before. I just wanted to say how much I love what you do! Especially your getting fit project. It's inspired me to do one too - I've joined the Y and I'll sneak in a quick workout at home with my little one year old sitting on me - I call it extra resistance training. hehe. Anyway thank you for inspiring me!

    Lenya @ Raising Miss Matilda xxx

  6. I got my fitbit for Christmas and I swear by it as a great method to make sure you're actually moving each day. Good luck getting all green lines - that is so satisfying!

  7. I've shared this post on my 'shout-out' post! A post where I share all my favourite posts from the last week.
    Thank so much for sharing it, great read.

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