Weekend Notes 13

Hey guys! Hope your week was awesome. I for one am super happy to have Sam home after a week away. He brought the girls home the most hilarious souvenirs (did you see them?!). No he wasn't in Panama City... they hosted a "Spring Break" party for this work retreat. Hilarious.

Last night I went out with some girlfriends and went shopping which I do so rarely and it was wonderful. A bunch of friends in a dressing room is my favorite. I ended up snagging this dress (love the name!) for the Minted party tonight at Mom 2.0 Summit. Hope to meet some of you there!

I'm also hoping to make it for drinks after with some of my blog friends.

Here are some fun things I spotted this week:

- Those condiment bottles! Spotted them on Oh Joy's instagram. Can't wait until they're in stores.
- Kelli has the cutest maternity style.
- Really clever pins for kid snacks: here and here and here.
- I picked up a jar of this and HEAVEN.
- The cutest IG feed. Love following Kate! (thanks for the tip Michelle!)
- One of the prettiest, fantasy weddings I've ever seen (everyone I know should thank God I got married before Pinterest haha!). Love his red suit!
- My friend Joni has a poet soul and is just so darn sweet and thoughtful. I love this post she wrote.

Have a great weekend friends!

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  1. ooo hope you do a post on the mom 2.0 summit!


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