A Simple Kind of Life

I mentioned yesterday that I have been feeling a tug for a more simple life. A dirty hands, messy hair, worn book pages, kind of life. Recently I can see the sort of demise and destruction that some of our modern practices (aka social media, the internet, smart phones, apps etc) are having on us. Can these things be good? YES. Can they be harmful? YES. Finding my own balance. I've pulled back a lot on all of that and am choosing to focus on my family, learning the Word (I admire people so much that can quote scripture and comfort others through encouraging verses), riding my bike, taking long walks, reading, cooking, taking photos and being still. How can I possibly move forward as a person if I am constantly in a state of motion? Constantly stimulated? I have found that I cannot.

So, how will this work? How will blogging play a role? I really love this space and want to continue to pour into it. I want to focus on topics that nourish my soul and hopefully yours too. Excited about that. Thanks for listening.

this beautiful photo is part of a wallpaper series on Kelli Trontel's lovely blog.

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  1. I totally feel you. I am so over the constant stimulation and technology. Looking forward to hearing your "new" content!

  2. I've been feeling the same tug. I want to enjoy life and my family, not rush through it! I'm really looking forward to reading about your new path!

  3. I find this to be one of the most challenging aspects of life - some days the tug is for less and others for more. I can't wait to read how you conquer your tug for less.

  4. just love everything about this post. <3

  5. I am definitely all for topics that nourish the soul....
    Lord knows there is sooooooooo much all over
    the place on feeding the that isn't hard to do????
    ...stay in the Word....that's where all the rest, strength, peace, JOY,
    and love come from not to mention our eternal salvation!

  6. Great post. And I agree with you.

  7. Please continue sharing your thoughts. Your blog is so encouraging, inspiring, and validating. I agree with you and share so many of the same thoughts, wishes and pursuits.

  8. I love the direction you've been moving toward! Loving the "challenge" and your posts on homemaking. Can't wait to see what inspiration you've got up your sleeves.


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