Being Still

This week has been a week of decision making. Some decisions hard, some not so hard. I'm working on finding peace when I've made a decision and discerning what God is saying to do. This week I chopped all of my hair off (pictures coming soon!). I needed a change and while I miss my long, braidable hair, I feel liberated! I'll probably just grow it right back out but it feels good for the time being.

I've been thinking a lot this week about being still and carving out time for rest and quiet. This world goes non-stop, but I don't think we were meant to live such busy lives. I was recently talking to a friend about how crazy my calendar had gotten between the kids, work, family and friends. She gave me some really good advice: "Pencil yourself in." She looks at her calendar a month in advance and makes dates for herself all over it. She also doesn't break these plans. No one has to know but you that you are making time to be still, to feed your soul, to get in a yoga class or your nails done. Whatever brings you a little peace. I think for humans it is crucial to have time to think and dream and just be.

I find that I over communicate and vent when I haven't been still and had time to journal and meditate. I'm really working on this: "knowledge speaks but wisdom listens." I want to be a person of peace that brings that feeling to others in my life.

Is this something you make a priority? Would love to hear how you handle being overly busy. One thing I've tried to stick with this year as well is no more than 1 social event for the weekend. It has been really good for us. Sam and I are both introverts and need that down time from being "on."

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  1. I chopped off all my hair too! It's never been this short in my life. I like it, though! Send me pics of yours!

  2. if i dont make time for myself on almost a daily basis, even if its 20 minutes by myself, i go nuts.

  3. I just say no to events and outings when I'm feeling too busy. Sometimes just being at home with nothing to do and nowhere to go is what I need most. Never be afraid to stick with that!

  4. The most important time for me each day is to spend time
    in Gods Word. It is crucial for me......spending time in the
    Word renewing my mind for the day. There are two good sites for
    encouragement: Holy Experience and (in)courage. These ladies
    are great and write great devotionals for women!


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