Give Love

This morning I woke up at 5 am, just couldn't sleep. I began working on the Restless project that I started last week after watching the video I shared on friday. Don't get me wrong, these days it is very abnormal for me to be doing anything other than Pinterest at the crack of dawn. I might do some light editing but nothing more. Little did I know how that would set me up for the rest of my day.

Hearing, "MAMA, ewwww there's something all over Phoebe's bed" for the second time in a week would have normally sent me crumbling inside and feeling sorry for myself. Instead I felt purposeful and ready for whatever was in store. Little Bee had gotten sick in her crib and that is not something I deal with very well. Fortunately I can only recall one other parenting moment like this and it was five years ago, so there's that. After getting her cleaned up I called the Dr. We went in and found out she has strep which can apparently cause intermittent vomiting. I am so sad that she is sick but thankful we're working towards getting her well.

I called Sam and he said his throat was sore and he was headed home to be on Phoebe duty since he was already feeling bad (he didn't want us to get it). He seriously is amazing, I am always learning selflessness for him. I had already put Phoebe down and saw an opportunity to have one on one time with Matilda while Sam worked. She'd mentioned several times to me that she just wanted me to "play with her." I normally get so panicked with busyness that I rush our time together. Kinda makes me wanna cry.

We got in the car and my spirits felt so light and happy seeing Matilda's eyes sparkle at the idea of our "girl date." As I was buckling up I saw something out of the corner of my eye, my dear friend Ashley (who scared the crap out of me I might add!), with this candle for me. She had no idea what it would really mean to me and that all morning I'd been meditating on encouragement and showing others love. It was a not-so-subtle reminder to me to push forward. As we parked for lunch, a man walked by with a shirt that said, "believe." I do.

I've been doing these powersheets for two months and it's so awesome to see how God is changing my heart. One of my main goals for July is to spread love. As Jennie says in Restless, "Our gifts' primary purpose is for the building up of others." It's so easy to get caught up in ourselves and wanting to be encouraged (just me?). What are your gifts? You're a great writer? Send a note. Baking is your love language? Do that. Each little deed shows people that they are loved. Give your time, listen to your little ones and play with them. Short on time after all that giving? Use that darn phone for good. Call a friend, send a meaningful text. I'm going to try and focus on one person a week and any time I feel that nudge. Feels so good. Let's start a movement.

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  1. Love!! Love everything about this post! xo

  2. love this - I started this book a while ago, and need to pick it back up. I can't tell you how much it means to me to get a sweet text just checking in - knowing someone is thinking of me at a random time does a world of good for my spirits. You are such an encouragement Lesley!!! Thankful for you!!! xo!

    1. i just think you're wonderful, that's all.


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