Searching for Awesome

Last night I got to attend a really "awesome" workshop hosted by Alison from The Alison Show (love her!) and Bing. It was a treat! A bunch of my brilliant, creative friends were there (Whitney was my date!). Joni decorated Amy Osaba's gorgeous studio so perfectly. We set at Blue Eyed Yonder tables, we ate food from Homespun and drank yummy drinks. We learned about table styling from Anna and Jamie. A bunch of really talented women in the same space (and a few fellas too!). It was inspiring. I'm so proud of my friends and so happy for all of their hard work being noticed. Sometimes though those thoughts of comparison can creep in even when learning to be awesome! When looking around at the floral designers, recipe developers, makers, photographers, work shop creators, I couldn't help but think: "What do I do that's awesome?!"

I've had to remind myself over and over again in this season, with small and adorable tiny people in my care, that I can't compare myself to others' successes (particularly of those doing what I'm doing who are in a totally different place in life). Nor, do I want anyone to compare themselves against me or what I put out into the universe. I want to inspire other people and lift them up. I don't show piles of laundry because chances are you have enough of that reality going on. But know, it's real for me too. Even though I spend most of my days knee deep in toys, crying babies and dirty dishes... I choose to see the beauty in the midst of that, to capture those tiny glimpses of joy and downright love and to share THAT. I'm so thankful! The world has enough negativity, I choose not to spread it but I don't want that to create a misconception about the whole picture. These are just the memories I want to look back on.

Each day I am focusing on what it means to be where I'm at and to be all there and to find JOY. God has me in His hand and I have purpose, an awesome purpose. “God's definition of what matters is pretty straightforward. He measures our lives by how we love.” ― Francis Chan, Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God

Top photo from my instagram, bottom photo by the lovely Haley Sheffield (see more instagram photos from the night here!)

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  1. loving your blog! so glad I found it via Bloglovin and I'm super excited to be following along now!

    1. hi!! thanks so much. so happy to have you. XO

  2. Just read this on Brene Brown's Facebook: "I swim for many reasons but none more important than the constant reminder to "stay in my own lane." Nothing ruins my swim or my creative process more than comparison and competing. Sometimes I literally have to repeat: focus and be grateful for what's happening here."

  3. I think your awesome spans across the board. You are artistic and creative on so many levels, from cooking to decor to gardening to writing and most importantly being an awesome mama and wife. Just remember, it's not about what you do, but who you are and whose you are;) Keep up the good work, friend! I enjoy following your journey.

  4. oh my word! those pictures are beautiful!

  5. oh my, love that you quoted francis chan. we just moved back to the south (I'm from GA, now living in NC). nice to meet you!


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