Summer Bucket List

- Teach Matilda to swim
- Three+ weekends at our family lake house
- A long weekend in Heflin
- Go camping
- Bike the beltline
- Go as a family to the Botanical Garden
- A trip to the Fair
- Catch fireflies
- Run through a sprinkler
- Start vegetable garden
- Make homemade popsicles (love these molds!)
- Light sparklers
- Host a small party on the Fourth
- Have a date night at the Botanical Garden
- Make pizza on the grill
- Read more books! Currently reading this + this. This book is up next.
- Have a girls night
- Star gaze at the dock
- Swim at night
- A weekend getaway with Sam
- Pick a signature summer drink
- Go to the drive-in
- Hike a waterfall
- Sing at the top of our lungs with the windows down

Anything on yours that I'm missing?! 

photo spotted on The Design Files

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  1. Love all of this! I've been trying to get to the drive in too! We have annual passes to the Botanical garden and love it too :)

    1. it's so dreamy! believe it or not but i've never been to starlight either. gotta make it happen! xo

  2. I don't see s'mores on your list anywhere! That's a summer must for me. ; )

  3. Let me know as soon as you find your signature drink so I can make one for myself and call you while drinking it on my back porch & pretend we are together.


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