Last Weekend

Last weekend we headed north to the lake. The weekends tend to be extremely needed these days, just a little help goes a long way during the long summer days with little ones. If I'm honest this summer has been a huge time of growing pains, much needed soul searching, and slight desperation for refreshment. I could have handled a few things better planning wise, but I'm choosing to see this time as a chance for growth and wisdom seeking. At night I've just been praying a lot for truth and grace and knowledge and it's been so good for me.

Our road trip usually takes us to Poole's BBQ. It's one of my favorite places and I had to snap a photo of Sam and the girls in front of the "Pig Hill of Fame." This place makes me happy.

Phoebe is super into books these days and Matilda can read her some of the ones she has memorized. That girl is a sweet sister. They love reading this book and this one together. Matilda is more into games and staying up late. She's going to kindegarten camp this week and I've teared up a few times today. It's completely bittersweet, isn't it?! Any other mamas out there going through this?

One of my favorite things about getting away to the lake is spending time with my family and eating long, leisurely breakfasts. Sam is amazing and always cooks these incredible feasts that we eat on the back porch. The mornings are usually cool and slow and the sounds of the lake are my favorite.

My dad's best friend Grier came up and took the girls fishing. Matilda caught two but wouldn't get close enough to the fish to have her picture made with it. ha! Phoebe likes walking up and down the dock. My dad is a saint and does a lot of the chasing when he's around.

My friend Jen made this bag for me and I love it so much. Hope you all had a great weekend!
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  1. My oldest is going to Kindergarten this year and I have to say that I am a little sad not to have her home in the afternoon(her middle sister is also going to all day 4k). I try to remind myself that they are going to learn so much about themselves and the Lord (they are going to a parochial school). What lake do yall go to? Do your parents have a home? I really want to take the girls for a weekend to Lake Blue Ridge and need to find a place to rent. Hope it was as relaxing as it looked!

    1. hey lyn! we go to lake nottely. my dad shares a home with two other families and we are lucky enough to get to visit every three weeks or so. we've used blue sky rentals before. hope you guys find the perfect place to relax! xo


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