Tips for Moms: Budgeting

OK, so Sam and I have never really been the best at budgeting. We tried to a couple of years ago and it just didn't stick. We have complicated finances so it can get tricky. One of my goals last month was to set up a budget (and stick to it!). After hearing rave reviews about You Need a Budget (aka YNAB) from Joni and Whitney, we are giving it a trial run. I really love it because it works like the envelope system and you're penalized for going over budget by the negative balance carrying over to the next month. I like it because you can set up all sorts of categories like "Christmas" or "vacation" or "gettin' your nails done." Whatever is important (or just fun!) to you. You give all of your money a job each month and then put it to work.

Have you guys found a system that works for you? Do you use YNAB?

ps. I love these little office reminders. Taking one of them to heart... right now.

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  1. I find really helpful when it comes to budgeting, I like being able to compare my spending to a year ago, etc.

  2. YES! We've been using YNAB for a year now, and it has been so helpful. We used to use pencil-and-paper, but their iPhone app is so handy to update our budget while we're out and about.

  3. We use YNAB and LOVE it! Chris and I are both budget people so we've had one since we started planning our wedding over 6 years ago. The thing I love most about YNAB is that it's kind of like a game for me to see how much I can leave in certain categories to see it roll over to the next month. And then it's like a gift to myself to have some extra spending money!

  4. We use (and LOVE) YNAB! So glad you're enjoying it as well!

  5. Hello, I just found your blog last nite..thank you Instagram...and I love it!! I've only been able to browse through a few posts so far and I love all of it..You have a beautiful family and home! I will be reading your blog from now on and I had to share it with my other blog loving friends too..Cheers:)

  6. Ohhh, I've been looking for some budget-spiration. I've tried Mint and didn't really keep up with it- so I just go back to my Excel chart, but I need something to liven it up a bit. It's totally boring and not really working (the saving + rolling over to the next month sounds fun to me). Thanks for sharing!!


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