Vegan Veggie Wraps

Recently I've had such a craving and desire to eat more plants. I've always liked vegetables but I don't eat enough of them. With Matilda starting school next week I've been trying to think of ways to sneak them in her lunches, too. Phoebe is still eating most things but I basically want all of us to have vegan meals several times a week with the hopes that we can increase our veggie intake overall.

Wraps are a really fun thing to eat so I felt like it would be the perfect vessel for the girls. I really love Rudi's wraps, so I grabbed some of those and my mom made this awesome cashew cheese (she shared the recipe here) that I mixed with Tessamae's Lemon Chesapeake dressing. This dressing is so amazing, it's also paleo, vegan, sugar free. The bomb. I used my trusty julienne peeler on the carrot and sliced up some cucumber and onion and added some spinach. Simple and so good.
Definitely not rocket science, but super satisfying and the veggies are raw which I think is really important and it's nice to mix things up from a salad or green smoothie. Do you guys try and have meatless meals? Any great recipes you'd like to share?
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  1. Curry with chickpeas, summery veggies, and coconut milk over quinoa... Spinach-stuffed shells (from BH&G)... Huge salads a la Shauna Niequist... Quinoa bowls (basically black brans season with McCormick steak seasoning, avocado, kale, cheese, yogurt, pepper, quinoa, etc)...


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