Weekend Notes 18

Packing for a road trip. My favorite! Headed to the lake and I am looking forward to hopefully getting a little rest and reading in. After having a sick baby for two weeks I'm in need of a little reprieve. I'm so thankful Phoebe is feeling better and it's always such amazing perspective for me of how vulnerable we all are and how thankful to be that we are healthy people. So, so grateful. Amen. Speaking of Phoebe, baby girl is so in to dressing up these days. It is amazing. She hands me these crazy outfits and wants it all on. Picture life jacket, tutu, bracelet, necklace, Matilda's shoes.

Lately Sam likes to make fun of me because I like to get real deep and talk about how crazy hands are and the universe and just how freaking awesome it is to be alive. I'm reading about galaxies and you guys it just BLOWS my mind.

A few little take aways from this week:

I discovered a new magazine called Deeply Rooted that I really love. This photo above is from a great "new to me" blog, Pie in the Sky.

Wednesday night I sat on my bed and was completely blessed and inspired by the way Jane studies the word. Lucky for us she shared her tools and recorded it. It's now available for purchase here.

I have watched this video and listened to this song on repeat since my friend Jen shared it with me. You may have seen it already on facebook but it bears repeating. I am entranced by that little dancer.

Ate here on a double date with Joni and her husband this week and loved it.

Love that I have made some genuine friendships in this crazy online world, friends that I have their phone numbers and we talk about life and it's good. Jen is one of them. Love that girl and her adventurous soul.

The Home Depot booth at the Haven Conference was inspired by the Patio Style Challenge and they used our pergola. So awesome!!

One of my best friends is putting on a crazy awesome half marathon.

Pinned this recipe. Sounds so good.

Also, today is the last day to enter the Earth's Best giveaway. Good luck!

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