Weekend Notes 22

I've been on a mission to try one new thing a week in the kitchen and this week it is buckwheat groats (wha?!). I was inspired after seeing Sarah's Raspberry Ripple Buckwheat Porridge recipe. I love her so much. Her voice and philosophy on food resonate with me completely. Also, could she be any more lovable/charming/pretty?! This video on "one change" is so inspiring. Will report back on the groats.

Sam and I are back on a total health kick after a summer of hot dogs and margs. I'm actually considering doing a month of plants only as a reboot. Little Phoebe has been sick almost all summer so I want to make sure my babies are getting what they need. In preparation for back to school and the flu/cold season I want to start them on an elderberry syrup/ probiotic routine.

Starting to think about fall clothes even though I know it'll be a while before we need them. I love this dress because you could totally wear it now and layer it later. Would be so cute with boots!

A super interesting documentary on how plants talk to each other.

Speaking of documentaries. I've been on a kick and watched this one and this one this week. I just want to know everything right now. I'm like a learning sponge.

Ordered these for carpool runs and walking around the 'hood. Also adding these to the fall shoe wishlist.

Pinned this outfit. I dig.

Have a cool weekend guys.

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  1. have a good weekend too Lesley!

  2. Love your style picks! The dress is right up my alley and I have those exact Toms. If you like documentaries check out 112 weddings on HBO. So sweet! Happy Weekend!

    1. we will be twinning! thanks for the recommendation lyn! xo

    2. I used to make raw buckwheat groats when oh she glows first posted about them. Took agile to grow on me, but this recipe looks good! I used to love reading my new roots when I was eating vegan and super healthy:)!

    3. She's also the lady who got me eating bee pollen! I sprink that stuff on everything!!

  3. those vintage nikes are so fun!


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