A Saturday at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

This past saturday we went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I went with my mom and the girls in the spring and signed up for a membership but hadn't been able to get over there since. I have been dying to go back and really wanted to share the magic with Sam, too. He loved the gardens as I knew that he would and it was so nice to get out as a family to the city. Can't wait to do it again in the fall! The amazing thing about the gardens is that they are constantly changing depending on what's in bloom. Late summer is so lovely with all of the vegetables and flowers. Just amazing to see God's many creations in one place.

The imaginary worlds exhibit is incredible. There are frogs, unicorns, fruit, trolls, etc made entirely of plants. I think my favorite is the earth goddess. Her hair! The gorillas are pretty fantastic too.
Speaking of monkeys (har har har), one of their favorite parts of this trip was the canopy bridge. We missed it last time. This was a great area to let the girls explore without having to worry about them veering off a trail or falling into a pond (ha!). There is also the best view of the earth goddess.

Matilda got to play tour guide, which she loved. She gets a total kick out of showing Sam a place that she has been before but he hasn't. So adorable. The main goal for her was to get to the children's garden and we were savvy this trip and dressed them in their bathing suits (forgot a towel though, naturally) so that they could splash around at the splash pad.

For the last week we've been using the Stokke Xplory (isn't this deep blue so pretty?) and it was a total lifesaver at the gardens. We love their designs (big fans of the Tripp Trapp, too!) but it's their functionality that I really appreciate because let's get real that's what we really want as parents. Matilda's shoes rubbed a blister on her feet so she hopped on the sibling board and off we went (best invention ever for the big kids that still get tired). Phoebe at the very end of our outing was so cozy in it and lasted the entire rest of the trip being strolled from place to place, she also ate lunch in it. It pulls right up to the table. Handles navigated paths and narrow doorways like a champ. It also comes with an awesome, large stroller bag (not shown here). Can't say enough good things about the Xplory honestly.

Bee was obsessed with the "wah-ter" which is all over the gardens in ponds, fountains, etc. It is surprisingly baby friendly (with you keeping a watchful eye of course!).

The children's garden is such a little fantasy world. When you first arrive you are greeted with these sunflower fountains and a splash pad. I saw teeny babies and kids both loving it! Next is Peter Rabbit's garden, the roots house, vegetable gardens, a tree house, slides and more. LOVE it and of course the imagination is able to go wild there.

I really love every different area but the vegetable gardens with herb wall and green houses are at the top of the list. You can even take cooking classes in the garden. How cool is that? My mom did it and had the most amazing night.

Sam was completely blown away by the green houses. Our favorite is the Andes Mountain room which also happens to be cool. Coincidence? Not sure but it is gorgeous! There are roots hanging from the ceiling, the most amazing colors, and the biggest staghorn ferns you've ever laid eyes on.

I already want to go back. Sam and I are planning a date night ASAP. On thursday nights they are open late and have cocktails. Dreamy!

disclosure: Stokke generously provided us with an Xplory. Head over heels gushing, all my own. 

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  1. Beautiful photographs! And I love visiting new places, I wish I lived near here because I would love to go explore. I'll have to find someplace around these parts that I can visit for a similar feel. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It looks amazing there and it looks like you guys had a great time too! I love the idea of taking a cooking class in the gardens, that sounds amazing!
    Have a great week!
    xo April Everyday


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