I've had a lot of friends ask recently how kindergarten is going and it's starting to become somewhat of a new normal. The mornings are still hard. I think Matilda would choose hanging out in her pjs and loungy mornings (who wouldn't) over "doing work," but she's learning so much and I'm learning the rules too and we have a fun routine after with friends. Really thankful for those people that you just instantly click with, where it's never awkward or forced. I just love hanging out with like-minded mamas. I've also for the first time been around more moms that aren't in the baby or toddler years which is weird because I was somehow convinced that those years last forever (sometimes it feels like it!) and here we are discussing after school sports and PTA. As everyone says time really does fly.

My heart right now is to arm these little women with God's grace, to speak life in to them, to discipline them in a way that strengthens and encourages them (easier said than done sometimes), and to build them up in Christ. That can be a challenge when I'm praying for the same things for myself but I want to teach them to bind their little hearts to God's love for them and for others. I want them to be kind and good friends and to be armed with scripture in their little spirits when things are hard, because I know they will be sometimes. I'm just so proud.

I need to break out my real camera so I don't miss a second of this tender time. I've really enjoyed spending the mornings with little Bee and seeing what she loves to do (other than yesterday - someone invaded her cute little body! ;)) and having a little more time to straighten the house and get things done but I miss my girl. The weekends are that much sweeter, having everyone home and I got a great tip from my friend Dana to have as many pajama moments as possible on the weekend so that everyone can rest. I think that was key last weekend, so wanted to pass that along to any other mamas of kindergarteners. xo

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