Making Girl Uniforms less Uniform-y

Alternate title: how to make khakis look less khaki. I did not grow up wearing a uniform and this is my first foray into them. I'm actually totally down with uniforms and think it simplifies a lot of morning struggles and "keeping up." Matilda has to wear a uniform to school so I've been trying to think of ways to make them more fun and more her. My girl has amazing style and I did not set her up for success today (her shirt was almost as big as her because half of what I ordered ran huge). This morning I headed out to exchange sizes and to find some fun accessories and shoes to make the look less, well, uniform-y.

Start with good foundation pieces. For me I love a skinny pant or bermuda short with the polo tucked in and a fun belt (see below). The dresses and skirts (this is a great skort option) can be worn alone or with fun tights (like these) and cardigans or blazers.

khaki safari dress (see it on here :)) | polo shirt | layered navy dress | bermuda shorts

gold jellies | bermudas | belt (similar here) | polo | polka dot bow clip (similar here)

school girl blazer | minnetonka boots | funky leggings | floral high tops
knee high socks | polka dot bow | flower bead necklace

The fun part is bringing in the accessories that reflect your little one's personality. I loveeee these floral high tops (way more red in person - which is my jam) which are easy to get on with the side zipper. A cute pair of mary janes is also never a bad shoe idea. I love the challenge of making something standard unique.

Please share any of your favorite uniform resources or particular styles that you love. There is a lot out there. I really like the fit of the French Toast line.

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  1. remember a lot of schools will not allow you to embellish the uniforms, my kids went to a school where socks and shoes and belts were also part of the dress code as well as hair styles and backpacks. Uniforms are great, much less peer pressure and more focus on education. Style is for after school :-)

  2. I LOVE uniforms. It takes the stress out of figuring out the basics and allows one to flex their accessorizing flair! I wore a uniform for 12 years growing up, and some days I long to still be wearing one. And this post makes me think of Gossip Girl (the PG version obvs) xoxo!

  3. I love this post! What adorable pictures!

  4. I missed uniforms when I went to college. I didn't have enough street clothes to make a full wardrobe and felt like a fraud mixing the few uniform pieces I'd kept into my regular clothes! When I did wear uniforms (at art school and camp) we used to customize our outfits with belts, shoes, sweaters, hair doodads, and jewelry -necklaces, earrings, and LOTS of bracelets in the 90s (socks were uniform, but some girls layered funky tights under them).

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