Weekend Notes 23

This week has run the gamete of emotions: teary, thankful, anxious, excited... you name it, I've felt it. Kindergarten is a huge milestone. Nothing could really prepare me for it but I always find that with each stage, we are just where we need to be. I know that M will blossom at school and I can't tell you how much I look forward to hearing about her day (even if it does take 4 hours to get any details ;)). Still working here to find a good ebb and flow. The days are much different now and I'm not quite in a rhythm. Excited to be going on another #ebplaydate this weekend - follow along here.

Notes from the week:

Did you see the play house (above) Joni created for her daughters? Swoon!

If you want some super creative bento lunch ideas, check out this blog. Thanks, Alex!

A recipe I want to try!

As much as I can get disenchanted with social media and have made major strides to try and spend less time there, I was overwhelmed by the love poured out for us on instagram and facebook this week as we entered the world of elementary school.

I've been trying a monthly mind, body, spirit book challenge. Here are my current reads: mind | body | spirit

Cutest little romper that I would totally layer up for fall.

This circus birthday party is too much. Katie blows me away every time.

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  1. I used Love and Logic in my classroom. It was great!


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