Weekend Notes 25

You guys, this weekend really can't come quick enough. Yesterday I broke down in tears in front of the girls (I usually save that for the shower!) after Phoebe got into something and I had to dial poison control (she's fine!). Matilda ran upstairs and I thought she was running away because I was freaking out. No. She came down with her blanket, which is like her most prized possession, and wrapped it around me. She gave me the most profound pep talk that I'll just keep between us and my heart filled up beyond its capacity with love. This week was tough, but I am SO thankful for my family and the blessings that are poured out daily for one undeserving soul. Lemme tell ya. So thankful.

These family photos (as seen above) are so gorgeous!

This is the prettiest bottle opener. I miss wine. Yes, I do.

Was honored to have the girls' old room featured on Mother Mag this week. So much great shared room inspiration!

Have you tried these? The Coconut Karma ones are just insane.

There are some amazing sales this weekend if you're looking for new fall clothes (I keep pretending it's fall and then sweating profusely as a result). I've got my eye on this beauty.

Alright, if you need me I'll be catching up on Pretty Little Liars and giving myself a little break. Sometimes I'm just way too serious. The end.

Doing anything fun for the long weekend?! Enjoy!!

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  2. wow this post! loved the honestly. glad everyone is ok. that sounded very scary. but the blanket! that is the sweetest thing ever; isn't it wonderful how their minds work. i wish i could give you a big glass of red lol. oh well when the W3o is over go for it! you are a wonderful mama!

  3. wow! that must have been scary!... thank God Phoebe is fine and for that Matilda of yours right!? what a sweet little girl!
    hope you enjoy your weekend after the though week you had ;)

  4. you have a special little lady there!! I had to dial poison control for the first time ever a few months ago due to hazel and it is a traumatizing experience. Glad Phoebe is ok!!! Enjoy PLL - I have two episodes left of this current season to catch up on as well:) xoxo!!

  5. oh gosh poison control is my worst nightmare! hang in there girl! you deserve a relaxing long weekend!

  6. Glad I'm not the only adult with a PLL vice! glad everyone is ok.


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