Bee's Favorite Board Books

Phoebe is completely obsessed with board books right now. She wants to read all the time, which I totally love. It's also about the only way she will sit still for more than 2 seconds, so bring on the books! I thought I would share some of our favorites and I would love to hear yours! Buying and reading children's books are two of my most cherished past times. I'm a real sucker for sweet illustrations, too. These drawings are forever ingrained in my brain. Love them so much.

Who Hoo are You? | See You in the Morning | Little Oink | We're Going on a Bear Hunt | Dear Zoo | Potty

If I had to pick the very favorite it would be Dear Zoo. We have read it a gillion times. I really do love a good lift and flap oh and this one for sure is a favorite! Can't wait to hear yours! xo
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  1. I just ordered Potty and We're Going on a Bear Hunt - glad to see them here! My daughter (22 months) loves I Can Do It Myself!

  2. I'll have to check these out, what a fun post! We love reading "Harold and the Purple Crayon" (my favorite growing up!) it really sparks the imagination, and a new favorite is "Harry the Dirty Dog" which reminds me of our dog, Zoe. :) One seasonal books we like is "Biscuit's Pet and Play Halloween." "Curious George Goes to a Costume Party" looks like it would be a fun seasonal one too. I also just put multiple of these on our wish list: for "A BabyLit board books" on Amazon. They are traditional stories with fun modern illustrations! Can't wait to pick one up!

  3. My fav are the Karen Katz flAp board books. My 22 month old loves them

  4. Oh my goodness..."Dear Zoo" has had so much love that it's falling apart at our house! We also love the Orla Kiely books ("Shapes," "Numbers," "Colors"), "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," "Pocket Piggies Numbers," "Goodnight Moon," "Corduroy"...the list goes on! She also LOVES to flip through and look at the photos in her My First Bible board book of Bible stories from her great-grandma. :) Thanks for the suggestions from you and your sweet girl!

  5. you need to get her "global babies."
    it was my daughter's favorite.
    at four, she still will flip through it time and again.
    simple beautiful images, and sweet words.

  6. Look at those sweet cheeks! Max seems to love spanish word books right now. ha! Probably because they are colorful and full of good pics. :) Love this age.

  7. We have lots of great board books, but my 7 month old's favorites are the "Hello Baby" high contrast board books. We read "On the Go" and "Faces" over and over and over.


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