DIY Thieves Toothpaste

This weekend I made my very first homemade toothpaste. So, easy breezy. Before you think I've lost it and gone totally granola mom that doesn't shave her armpits, hear me out. We are getting pummeled left and right by school germs, parent's morning out germs, workplace germs, target germs. GERMS. Thieves oil is what I call the essential oil "gateway oil." I've literally loaned mine out three times in the last couple of weeks. I rub it on the girls' feet at night with coconut oil and need to start doing it in the morning, too. Just a couple of drops has tons of antiviral properties. I love diffusing it and I use the spray at the grocery store to kill the crazy infant-seat crud. So powerful and smells like Christmas. J'adore. I thought a great way to get it in me and Sam would be to make our own "germ fighting" tooth paste. Hizzuh!

DIY Thieves Toothpaste

You will need:

+ 6 T coconut oil
+ 6 T baking soda
+ 25 drops Thieves oil (get yours here and find out more about shopping wholesale here)

Take all ingredients and stir until smooth. I found these amazing silicone GoToobs here. They are perfect for homemade beauty products, tooth paste, etc. This amount was just the right amount to fill up the tube. You will save tons of money making your own and this is loaded with bacteria fighting whitening powers!

Just a bit more about the Thieves oil... legend has it that this recipe was developed after 15th century criminals were caught during the plague. They were forced to give up their recipe that had kept them from catching ill and this was it. More details below. You can diffuse Thieves oil multiple times a day and there have been studies done that prove that it kills airborne microorganisms. You can put it on cotton balls and place it in your car vents, put it on dryer balls like these, the spray is great for grocery carts or sore throats. You can make your own cleaning products with Thieves, it is super versatile and a must-have during cold/flu season. Like I said, we love putting it on the girls' feet at night as well as ours with some coconut oil.

To find out more about essential oils or to sign up for your own, click here.

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  1. Hey chica! This is great! Can I use this recipe during my FB class next week?

  2. It says not to use the King of Thieves oil internally - but it's ok for toothpaste?


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