Fall Picks

So excited to think about layers. Anyone feel me? I've been loving indigo for a while and realized even more so when I was picking out some of my favorites. This cropped jumpsuit is so rad! I love it with these tall boots. That whole outfit. Yes please. I've been in a fashion RUT, talkin' slob-o-rama so I'm excited to pick out just a few special pieces for the season.

I don't shop for myself often (unless throwing a $5.99 t-shirt in the target cart counts) but I will splurge on a killer pair of shoes from time to time. This tiny bit of sparkle on these margot booties is calling my name and those clark booties have been on my radar for a while now. Also, anything Madewell. Yes.

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  1. Love the #1 Booties. The color and style are awesome!



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