Five Comfort Food Recipes for Fall

This week has been the ultimate mix of highs and lows. Had the wind knocked out of my sails this morning but I'm gonna shake it off, shake it off. Yesterday we went with friends to hike one of my very favorite trails with the girls and they did so amazingly well! They both walked all the way to the creek, splashed in the water and then walked home. Phoebe made it 80% of the way before she gave out. Sweet little bird calmed down as soon as I sang her a little nursery rhyme. Those moments burn into my soul, their sweet little cheeks nestled next to mine, sharing a little moment just the two of us. So, thankful. I shared one of my truest motherhood mantras here, if one day is a real tough one the sun always shines in the morning. Thankful for His blessings. Each and every day.
I wanted to share some good comfort food recipes for these cooler evenings. Is this the best time of year or what? First up is this 40 cloves of garlic soup. Perhaps not a date night recipe, but oh man I love garlic.

These acorn squash rings look like the prettiest way to usher in the season. Just love the idea of warm quinoa, apples, walnuts and cranberries.

Hearty white bean vegetable soup is always a favorite. This recipe looks so good!

This savory + spicy butternut squash soup with gruyere cheese... yes please!

I've never made stuffed plantains but veggie boats are one of my favorite things (see here!). This is at the top of my "to try."

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  1. Hopefully this comment hasn't posted like five times. I'm having issues with Chrome opening up your comment section.

    Still loving the carrot + ginger soup you posted a couple of years ago. I have to rein in the ginger to my hubby's liking, but it's a staple in our fall soup rotation.

    A "must try" recipe I highly recommend is this Jaime Oliver one. It's soooo good!

    Happy Fall!

    1. that makes me SO happy!!! sam loves it so much too. can't wait to check out that recipe. love jamie! thanks raylan!

  2. oh yum! I love it when falls hits and its cool enough to start eating soups and baking again :)

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