Serenbe in the Fall

This past sunday we took a little day trip to Serenbe to celebrate little Gideon's first birthday. We love this idillic community right outside of Atlanta. I always wish we had more time there. Today's adventure was a hayride and then the kids got to feed the animals.

Matilda carefully fed the little goats and Phoebe would scoop up big handfuls and throw it at them and say, "HERE!" Hahaha. They are hilarious.

We started today on a rocky foot, I woke up feeling lousy (sipping on this!) and the girls were still exhausted from the weekend (Phoebe went down at 9:30!). In our small group we are talking about intentional parenting and I keep thinking back to this quote by one of my faves C.S. Lewis, "Children aren't a distraction from more important work, they are the MOST important work." It's such a good reminder to me when things feel out of control or there don't seem to be enough hours in the day. These girls are my biggest and best assignment and God is constantly reeling me back in to focus on that. So thankful for those reminders.

The air is crisp and there are pumpkins on my front porch. I'm making this tonight and I couldn't be happier.

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  1. sounds and looks dreamy! that second photo with Phoebe and the trees is amazing!

  2. We almost went to Serenbe on Sunday for our anniversary date! We thought about walking through the show house. I have yet to go there. I so need to!

  3. Chris and I were married at Serenbe. Such a special place!


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