Weekend Notes 26

Did you see this?! One of my very favorite food bloggers, Sarah Britton, has a cookbook coming out in the spring. I am such a nutty fangirl that I pre-ordered my copy right away. Can't wait to get my hands on it!

I mentioned yesterday on instagram that this week has been bonkers and apparently I wasn't alone. Some sort of post-holiday hangover madness? Not sure. My friend Amy recommended this parenting book to me today and it sounds really helpful. I'll be honest that I don't read many parenting books, but maybe now is the time!

Really excited about working on a free "Introduction to Oils" online class this weekend with my friend Ashley who just happens to be a pharmacist. You can join this group to find out when the class will be happening. I'm also working on putting together an actual (real life!) class this fall at this gorgeous space.

A few standouts from this week around the web:

Starting to get super excited about fall + halloween. Our neighborhood does it up big! I have a feeling these costumes along with the ladies will be in all forms everywhere!

I'm on a pretty restrictive diet right now and these sound amazing.

Really thankful to have bonded with this lady and to have her in my life.

Gah, I wish I got to catch up on blogs more. Here are three favorites: here and here oh and here (more next week!)

This weekend I'm hoping to get outside and get some fresh air. I need to lower my stress levels. Ha! I also am so happy that it's here!

Have any family costume ideas? I'm kind of the worst but I love seeing people in costumes! XO

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