Weekend Notes 27

Today I am starting to think about cleaning my house because we have a lot of people coming over this weekend to celebrate my cousin Leah and her fiance Jimmy. I am having so much fun putting together the details for the Autumn Harvest Shower I am hosting with my Mama and sister, Rachel. Lots of corals, oranges, chocolate browns, etc. I am SO excited. I should really throw parties every day, it's the only way my house gets clean. Haha! I thought these invitations from Minted were perfect, more modern than country harvest. Totally into them and my sweet friend Natalie sent us this AMAZING address stamp and I am completely obsessed with it.

In case you didn't have a chance to drop into our Intro to Essential Oils class last night, here's a link. You can also get little tips + recipes + other things wellness over here if you're into that sort of thing. :)

If you're doing a Whole 30 (seems like everyone is right now!) here are some awesome meal plans.

Made an impulse buy and snagged these boots today. So excited for cooler weather and as we affectionally call it: "bootie season."

Loving Anna's post on 24 hours in Atlanta. I concur!

I'm really getting into making my own beauty products. Have you checked out this book? On my wish list.

OK, time to stuff my face before Bee wakes up! We have a little friend spending the night tonight. Our first time doing that. Let me know if you have any tips. :) Happy weekend!

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  1. you take the prettiest pictures, lesley. i always love how you style them. just something i've been meaning to mention to you ;) also, i am pretty sure i will be purchasing some essential oils soon and i can't wait. just need to get pete on board... happy weekend! xo

    1. aw that's the sweetest thing to say to me! thank you!! sam was a tough sell too but we are totally team oils now. :) would love to have you! xo


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