Weekend Notes 28

photos from instagram this week...

We've had a super celebratory week!! Matilda turned s-i-x! I still can't believe it. Last night we met my brother and his girlfriend and my sister at the North Georgia State Fair per Matilda's request. Opening night wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be. It was all fun and games until Phoebe had had enough. I took her home early so everyone else could play (and so I could finish frosting the cake!). I made a really simple pumpkin cream cheese frosting: one package of cream cheese, one stick of butter, one cup of brown sugar and 1/3 cup pumpkin puree. I creamed the cheese and butter then added the sugar and finished with the pumpkin. Beat well! We used this cake mix.Yum.

A few notes from the week: 

+ Sam and I stayed up late watching this every night this week.

+ This DIY wall hanging is so good. For $35 and large scale.

+ I am currently working on two projects: getting our front porch outfitted for fall (see mums progress above!) and on a reading/homework nook for the girls. Just ordered this set for inspiration!

+ Miss Mamie's got the cutest makeover (middle picture). The shelves and lights and chairs... all of it.    We like to special order gluten-free cupcakes there.

+ Early fall breezes have me craving sweaters. This one is ah-mazing.

+ These shoes.

+ On my "to cook" list.


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  1. Happy #6 to Matilda! Man, they grow up so fast. I feel like you were just posting those photos of her coming down your old back steps in her little sweet baby outfits. #whatmatildawore ;) xo

  2. That whole Anthro outfit is great. Happy 6th to Matilda. It goes by way too fast.

  3. Binged on the killing so bad that I'm kinda sad it's over, except it gets even darker as the seasons go on!! Happiest of birthdays to your baby girl!!!

  4. ooooooooh, i must try The Killing. have you watched Orange is the new black yet? happy birthday to Til!


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