Boo! Weekend Notes 30

Lately my days are pretty full with shirtless dance parties (I am fully clothed please don't panic), coffee dates, squishy cheek kisses, chasing after Bee, trying to cook a decent meal and failing at updating you guys regularly. Sam said last night, "screw 'there aren't enough hours in the day'... there aren't enough hours at night." We be a little tired. Life is good though folks and the awesome news is that we aren't enough, that nothing we do will ever be enough, but thank goodness that Jesus is.

My life has been a whirlwind lately. I've been caught off guard quite honestly in everyone's interest in essential oils, especially after I wrote this post. I've been so caught up in teaching classes and moderating a facebook group that I've had little time for much else!  Come join us. :) It's been so fun and just the sort of thing I'm interested in... getting families healthy. I set some pretty major goals for myself this month and can't believe how fast our little group is growing! I've been trying not to talk to much about it in fears of boring anyone, but it's hard when this has become such a big part of my life. For instance, tonight I had a really bad stomach ache and put some di-gize diluted in coconut oil on my belly and it totally subsided. Amazing!

We are currently watching Catching Fire on netflix. So good.

I love these fall decorating ideas from my girl Joni. Those shelves! (see photo above)

I was lucky enough to tour the new west elm at the mega huge Avalon this week with the director of PR for west elm. Love that company and everything they do. I picked these up for holiday entertaining.

This weekend I'm working on some fun posts for November, including a giveaway! It's so rare that I do them, but this one is a great one. :)

Can we just talk about the cuteness of Halloween?! Can't wait to see my two favorite girls all dressed up. I know I won't be able to resist sharing a pic on instagram.

Have a great weekend and thanks for bearing with me as I find a new rhythm. I feel like I've gotten out of a bit of a rut and that feels really good. xx

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