October, You're my Fave

This morning I opened the front door to let Matilda out for school and this rush of crisp air flooded in and felt so incredibly amazing. October, hello old friend! We've been scraping ourselves up off the ground after a few fluky illnesses have reared their ugly heads (see ya! seriously!). This weather just begs for warm drinks, breaking out the fuzzy slippers and watching movies under blankets. Let's all just go their in our minds, shall we?

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I've been practicing thankful thoughts and prayers all morning to readjust my thinking patterns ("why me?!" needs to take a hike). So, here are some happy things plus some things I'm thankful for:

+ A little quiet time this morning while Bee's with friends. There is something powerful about solitude when you're a mama, just fires your heart up for those little people. This book is back on my nightstand. The most beautiful words to drift off to.

+ This "stomach rescue." Amen.

+ My mama. She has literally been a hero for our family. Love you!

+ That Matilda is loving school, thriving and being so kind and precious at home. The first couple of weeks of kindergarten were a wee bit rocky to say the least but now we are in our groove.

+ I am going on my first ever spa weekend with my sister and mama. We are going here and I couldn't be more excited. We've never done anything like this together. Thankful for my amazing Dad for making that dream happen.

+ For a crazy supportive and awesome community of likeminded new friends that I've met here and here. Just love being able to connect and brainstorm.

+ For everything apple and pumpkin. Want to make these ASAP.

+ Excited to put together a reading nook with Sam for the girls this weekend. Hoping that everything arrives in time! I ordered some awesome lights + got some things framed + ordered these because I LOVE them.

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  1. Have a wonderful time this week end ! So lucky !
    You'll tell how it was... Say hello for me to Debbie and Rachel (and the rest of thefamily of course ;) ! Bisous de France ! isa

  2. I do not travel without that Peaceful Mountain product...such a life saver!!!

  3. yay October! such nice post! glad to hear Matilda is loving school ;)


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